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Detroit is starting to Demo some of the Abandaned Houses!!!

»Posted by on Jan 11, 2011 in Detroit Real Estate News | 0 comments

This is great news!  Detroit’s Mayor Bing is starting to demolish the eyesores (abandoned homes) in Detroit.  The plan is to demo 3,000 houses or so by early Spring 2011. It seems as if demolition crews are averaging about 300-400 houses per month and have torn down over 1,850 since April of 2010. “We inherited and continue to deal with this challenge at a time of unprecedented housing foreclosures,” Bing told the Associated Press. “We are committed to removing these dangerous eyesores from our neighborhoods and will continue to work with our community to do so.” Bing says that up to 12,000 vacant houses in the city pose dangers to the community; vacant homes can become an invitation to criminals and predators to move in. By...

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